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I do stuff with school computers. Sell them, mostly, although that's a bit pat. Going into a school you've never been to before and looking over what they have can be very interesting. Trying to frame a comment so that they aren't offended by your opinion of what they've spent vast amount of money on can be even more interesting.
For a long time as a kid, I was heavily into acting. Due to having fun with things I shouldn't have in my twenties, this faded. There was a brief revival in the early nineties, but kids and work got in the way. However, now (2006) I've got into it again. Not only that, but I've built a website for the group to which I belong. They're called Taunton Thespians, and the site is http://www.tauntonthespians.org.uk

My wife, Jenny, works in our office and writes. Quite well, if truth be told. If you want a pantomime or kids play written, drop us a line. She has a mailbox here, so jenny at lewisgilbert dot co dot uk will get through. For her publisher, go to LazyBees scripts. The first script online is Sherlock Holmes, the Panto, with more to follow.
The latest addition to her published oeuvre is Journey of a Plastic Bag. This is a play for children, suitable for Years 5 and 6 (England and Wales) or P6 and 7 (Scotland and NI). Nine to eleven years old, basically. It's also on LazyBees, so go and take a look.

I've put up some old RISC OS discs as zip files. With natural lack of whatever and a taste in bad puns, this is called Archiology. This will, when I get a bit more server space, expand and have disc images as well. Which is happening, slowly. I've now added a spreadsheet of prices from Xemplar in 1998. It's interesting for historical reasons only, and is available in Excel 4 and CSV format, zipped together as AcornPrices.zip This is just the Acorn bit of the whole list; the Apple stuff available too if anyone is interested. I'll see if I can find earlier lists.

Other RISC OS Stuff
Once upon a time, I installed a lot of Acorn Access based peer-to-peer networks. As one does, I worked out ways of automating and simplifying the process. I've now put it all up on here in an Acorn Access space.

I needed to work out the dosage of chemicals to add to a hexagonal fish tank. Couldn't find a formula, but found one for the area of a hexagon. Volume = area x height, so here it is. That's a tiny little Excel4 file, BTW.
If you're here because you're looking for stuff about Lewis Gilbert the film director, sorry. This site is named from my wife's maiden name and my surname. If you want more information on the genius behind Alfie, Educating Rita, Reach for the Sky, Shirley Valentine, You Only Live Twice and loads more, there's a load on the fan site at http://www.lewisgilbert.info

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